what I do


Using a hammer and fire I take a piece of metal and give my imagination form. I work a piece of stone so that it reveals what is inside. I give jewellery the comforting warmth of wood. I play. I discover kindred characteristics which find each other in the finished piece, and which accept it as part of their own identity. This is the dream that my work helps me fulfil.

During my studies, I attended several art schools which gave me the opportunity to explore many creative fields. The result is a piece of jewellery which links everything I have encountered in life. I do not consider it a disadvantage, that I did not specifically study goldsmithing. On the contrary. Technique can always be mastered with enough perseverance. However, it will always be an advantage, to be able to view the jewel as a sculptural artefact. To take into account the picturesque quality of the surface, to play with the irregularity and to ponder is narrative value.

I work on a foundation of honest handwork. I want the jewellery to last. I make chains by hand as well as most mechanics, so long as I am equipped for them. I also refine most stones myself, with the exception of faceted grinders and stones, the machining of which calls for the equipment and skill of a master grinder.

Currently, I also work as a designer of the jewelry line "Family Silver Hefaistos" in the art forge Hefaistos, s.r.o.

In the blog, you will find further information about the background of my work, as well as the techniques I apply.

I welcome you and thank you for the time you have spent here.

You will always find my precious metal products marked with this brand, ether a state stamp or a purity number.